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Tips for Speaking with People with Hearing Loss With or Without a Hearing Aid On

  • Don’t shout. Speak normally, but slower and more clearly. 
  • Get the person’s attention before speaking. 
  • Whenever possible, make sure the person has a clear view of your face. 
  • Reduce background noise when you can (i.e. by turning off the television, moving away from the dishwasher or washing machine, etc.)
  • If the person does not understand the first time, try rephrasing rather than repeating. 
  • Don’t shout from another room or speak with your back turned. Face-to-face communication is best. 
  • Be patient. People with hearing loss likely aren’t trying to ignore you. They just have more difficulty hearing and understanding what you are saying. 
  • Use full, simple sentences when communicating. 
  • Encourage use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices if the person has any. 
  • Try to engage the person in communication and social activities as much as possible to help improve their quality of life and help prevent the person from feeling isolated.